Rob Raco about Bullying

Rob Raco // seen in Riverdale

I’m ‘Biting the Bullet to say, ‘Stand up for yourself.’

Growing up I was an odd kid…to everyone else. But to myself, I was me, imaginative and in my own world, thanks to my supportive, artistic family.

In school, I never really found myself in the “popular group”. In fact, I was spit on by a group of kids, punched in the face and held down as others piled snow on my face.

Now the fun part…all that energy was expurgated through my creativity. I retaliated by becoming a disciplined drummer and standing up for myself with art, not fists.

Stand up for yourself and others in need but remember you can’t fight fire with fire. Shine on! I got your back!”


Briana Buckmaster about Bullying & Body Image

Briana Buckmaster // seen in Supernatural

I’m ‘Biting the Bullet’ to say, your power isn’t found in a nutritional label.

I’ve been considered a big girl all my life. People loved to make jokes at my expense. As a 9 year old I was made fun of for how I looked in bathing suits at birthday parties.

As a high schooler, I was bullied endlessly whilst walking down the hall or raising my hand in class. It seemed the world was laughing at me. And yet, a very common question asked of me was “Where on earth do you get your confidence?”

It was always such a strange question. First off, why was everyone so shocked that a girl like me was confident? I mean, you think girls who shop at the plus-size stores don’t really deserve to hold their head high occasionally? But my thing was – I hadn’t really decided that I indeed WAS confident.

I still cried in the bathroom when people made oinking sounds at me. I still daydreamed about waking up looking like the women in my fashion magazines. And I, like most people in the world, generally felt like I had no idea what I was doing the majority of the time.

But I did like to laugh. A lot. And I REALLY liked to make other people laugh. A LOT.

Slowly I realized that the feeling I had after a perfectly timed punchline, or the high I got when someone asked me to “act out that bit again” far outweighed the pain of lame unoriginal jokes that were made at my expense.

So it’s interesting to me to be described as confident. I just like to think that I’m funny. And loud. I want things for my life. And I’m not shy about stating that. If that’s confidence, then sure.

I guess I’ve got it. But, I also have a long history of crying in bathrooms and not fitting into bathing suits. I just make sure to remind people that that’s the least fun part about me.


Anne Winters about CYBERBULLIYING

Anne Winters // Emmy Award Winning Actress // seen in 13 Reasons Why

I am ‘Biting the Bullet’ to talk about cyberbullying.

It is time to put an end to sharing hateful comments and instead share positivity. With all of the different social media platforms these days people have found it easy to hurt others while hiding behind a screen.

It is important for all of us to stand up for each other and show compassion towards one another. I am committed to spreading awareness on this issue to show that words can be hurtful, no matter who you are.

The topic of cyberbullying really hits home for me. Being on a buzz-worthy show like “13 Reasons Why” has caused my social media following to grow tremendously, which is such a blessing. But, with a larger social media following also comes more hate.

I have never really cared for the haters, but I am very active on social media since I like to give my fans a sense of my life on a daily basis. I love keeping everyone in the loop, but there are times that I get insecure and doubtful about random things that I post, based on people’s hateful comments.

With that said, I definitely know the impact that certain words can have on people. I would encourage anyone that has ever been cyberbullied to remain true to themselves. Remember that the person bullying you is likely someone that is not confident in who they are.

If they were, then they would not feel the need to put others down. You will go further in life trusting your own intuition rather than relying heavily on other’s opinions. No one knows you better than yourself!

Bullying Fear Self-doubt

Jessica Harmon about ACNE and IMPERFECTIONS

Jessica Harmon // seen in The 100 and iZombie

There are big changes that need to be addressed in this world, most of which are far bigger than the pimple on your nose.

I’m ‘Biting the Bullet’ to share that I’ve battled acne for 14 years in an industry averse to imperfections.

It’s something I’ve felt limited my career opportunities but not my way of life. Sure there are days when I feel I look like shit but that’s more related to how I have felt internally, and in the moment I blame my exterior. We live in an imperfect world and the only standard we should be held to is our own.

Ironically the industry I work in has helped me to let go of the need to impress others. The fact that someone could think less of you based on your weight, blemishes, hair and most importantly race, is absurd. Those people are unhappy in their hearts and they deserve your empathy not your consideration. 

I’ve been told many times I didn’t book a role due to my weight or my look. My ability as an actor wasn’t even discussed. I’ve seen beautiful young women brought to tears and worse self-harm because they don’t know their place in this world, they don’t know the beauty within them, they take what the world tells them to heart.

For a long time, women have been told what we need to look like to be considered beautiful, how we need to dress to impress or attract others. Our definition of beauty is being defined by a bunch of assholes whose opinion you in no way should take to heart. In fact, you should laugh in the face of it. The next time someone knocks you down, get up, get up and offer to help with whatever is clearly wrong in their life that taking their pain out on others is their only way of communicating their turmoil.

There are big changes that need to be addressed in this world, most of which are far bigger than the pimple on your nose. Children are frightened to go to school in America because there’s a legitimate chance they will be shot.

Millions of people in this world are starving, or without a home or in the middle of a war put on them by the same asshole people that take time to say things like “grab her by the pussy”. I can tell you right now my time is far better spent grabbing my own god damn pussy than putting on makeup so there will be a better chance you may wanna grab it too. 

Let’s stop judging the beautiful souls around us based on some outdated opinion of what your tits should look like. Look down, that’s how they should look.

Take that wasted time and put it into something that inspires you.

If we love ourselves we’ll have a lot more time to show that love to others and affect the bigger changes we desperately as a world need.  Support the people that are real.

Celebrities aren’t just like you. They have teams of people paid exorbitant amounts of money to make them look “better” than you. Plus they’re airbrushed to hell.

Stop buying into it and the industry will have to change for you. Support the shows honoring real people.

Being a grateful, happy, loving person is all the beauty the world needs from any of us.