Alexander Ludwig on “ADDICTION is addiction”

Alexander Ludwig // seen in The Hunger Games

I’m ‘Biting the Bullet’ to share that I have had my own personal struggles with addiction. Through my struggles, it has become unbearably evident that he who is born with the disease is not the only one who ends up living with it.

It is a tsunami that builds and builds within until it is released upon those dearest to us leaving a path of destruction and chaos in its wake.

With the help of family, friends and my love Kristy Dawn Dinsmore, I was able to see I had an addiction.

I chose to fight it and I went to rehab. I ‘Bite the Bullet’ for the addict who still suffers, I bite the bullet for the loved ones who try to help to no avail, I pray they find peace and know they are not alone and it is not their fault.

Only when we truly surrender to that which we cannot control can we begin to make the changes we need to live a life of inner peace, gratitude, love, and joy.

I found that the most important piece to this puzzle is having the courage to ask for help, so everyone suffering can get the real support that they need.

Commit to oneself, and continue forward without judgement and toxic shame. We as human beings are constantly suffering on a daily basis and if we have more kindness towards ourselves and each other we can conquer anything.