1. to show bravery in the face
of adversity.

                                               lifts the veil of shame surrounding mental health and curbs the unattainable quest for perfection. This is done through the stories, experiences, events and merchandise we create.

We are a MOVEMENT and a GLOBAL COMMUNITY dedicated to breaking the STIGMA surrounding MENTAL HEALTH.


it is

Bite the bullet Stories

‘Bite the Bullet’ to share their personal experiences of hardship with the hopes of inspiring courage in those who need it."

– Entertainment Tonight

Celebrities, Social Influencer

everyday people


is it

We are a network of strong, courageous, and ambitious people redefining success on our own terms \\

Our PURPOSE is to create a new reality where the veil of shame is lifted so progress can be made personally, professionally, and in society. We are here to celebrate, empower, entertain, and inspire action.

We believe that overcoming our hardships is the only way to build strength, self-confidence, and happiness.
The rapid success and community support for BITE THE BULLET Stories is no doubt due to our participants’ willingness to share something personal - often for the very first time - in hopes of emboldening others.

Our goal is to raise awareness, inspire and speak up for those who stay silent but want to feel heard. So we can grow beyond, together.

Through portrait sessions and submitted selfies we share personal stories via text, video, or LIVE IGTV interviews.


we do it

When a person elects to ‘Bite the Bullet’ for this project they're deciding to show bravery in the face of adversity. They are standing up to their fear of judgment with the intention of helping even one person feel less alone.

We feature celebrities, social influencers and everyday people ‘Biting the Bullet’ to share a personal struggle and how it has affected their mental health as well as what they have done to overcome it.

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be You.

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Sneak peek

Rob Roco // seen in Riverdale

Nathalie Boltt // seen in Riverdale

Anne Winters // seen in 13 Reasons Why

Alexander Ludwig // seen in The Hunger Games

is 'biting the bullet' about bullying...


is 'biting the bullet' about Self-Worth...

is 'biting the bullet' about Cyberbullying...

is 'biting the bullet' about addiction...


I'm biting the bullet

I'm biting the bullet

I'm biting the bullet

I'm biting the bullet

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