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Juliana Harkavy about SELF-DOUBT

Juliana Harkavy // seen in Arrow I am ‘Biting the Bullet’ for self-doubt. For every time I told myself I’m not good enough.For every time I believed someone else was better for the job, smarter, funnier, prettier, stronger.For every time I was unkind to myself.For every time I wished I was different. We each hold […]


Jessica Harmon about ACNE and IMPERFECTIONS

Jessica Harmon // seen in The 100 and iZombie There are big changes that need to be addressed in this world, most of which are far bigger than the pimple on your nose. I’m ‘Biting the Bullet’ to share that I’ve battled acne for 14 years in an industry averse to imperfections. It’s something I’ve […]

Bullying, Fear, Self-doubt