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Jesi Leigh about Store-Bought Is Fine

Jesi Leigh I spent my teen years and subsequent early college years feeling like an utter failure. “You’re wasting your potential!” the teachers would cry. “Why can’t you just do what you’re supposed to do?!” My mother would plead. I could write a hell of a paper and test well, so my grades were mostly […]

Anxiety, Depression

Tammy Iny about BIPOLAR and DEPRESSION

Tammy Iny Depression and anxiety can lead to severe self-loathing, ultimately resulting in self stigmatization, guilt and desperation to ‘heal’ yourself. When these self-defeating expectations took over, I found myself feeling like I needed to punish myself. I lost myself and acted out physically against myself. Not once, but twice, I have lashed out at […]

Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression